Author: Esther Holleman, Assistant Cordstrap Knowledge Center and Cordstrap Training Center


Securing oversized crates can be easy!

Securing an oversized or OOG (out of gauge) cargo on a flat rack used to be a very difficult job because of several reasons:

• There are often no lashing points allowing direct lashings to be applied
• top-over (“friction lashings”) or loop lashings can allow sideways movement on over-sized cargos

You might have noticed I used the words “it used to be difficult”, because today it no longer is… We decided there had to be an easier, faster and more cost effective way to secure this crates on a flatrack. So, we put together a team of experts and had them brainstorm on a solution. After racking their brains they came up with an idea. Then it was up to our research and development center to research and develop this idea into a real product. This resulted in a new invention and product we called “The Corner Lashing Plate”.



Corner lashing plate

The corner lashing plate is specifically for over-sized crates on flat racks allowing sideway securing of the crate with direct cross lashings. By using corner lashing plates you create lashing points on the crate. It also allows forward/backward securing with direct cross lashings with an additional top-over lashing effect in all directions and is also very effective for other suitable “within-sized” cargos on flats racks.

By now the words cross lashing, loop lashing and top-over lashing might be dazzling to you, but if you want to find out more about which type of lashing would be best for your application, I recommend you read this article “Which method secures your cargo better, Tie Down Lashing or Direct Lashing”, written by Marco Muilwijk.


Why should you use the corner lashing plate?

• Using a corner lashing plate requires less polyester lashing (cost-saving)
• It can be applied faster than a top-over lashing (cost and time saving)
• It is re-usable (cost saving)

Have any questions or comments about our Corner Lashing Plate or securing oversized crates?

Have any problems securing your cargo that you would like a solution for?
Drop me a line in the box below or contact us directly. We love to pick our brains and come up with a solution or new product for you!




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Wednesday, June 12, 2013 10:21 PM
If a lashing strap is rated say MSL= 5000 kgs then how much securing force is actually achievable when tightening using the tensioning device.

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